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The test center was established in 2002. Our test center uses advanced equipment, combined with highly skilled professionals. The test center performs tests in accordance with the interior leather technical specifications of internationally renowned OEMs. The total investment is nearly RMB20 million. The ISO17025 management system was introduced in 2003. The test center was accredited by UKAS in March 2005. Since, our test center has passed each annual audit and certification requirements. We have achieved global mutual recognition.

The test center can carry out all performance testing and analysis in the field of automotive interior leather, such as: VOC testing and traceability analysis, odor test and traceability analysis, physical property test (mechanical property test, durability test, environmental resistance aging test etc.), chemical test, safety test, etc.



|    Lab -Test Capability

Main test  instrument and test  category include:
Agilent HPLC
VOC test &trace to the source for aldehydes & ketone
Agilent GC-MS
VOC test &trace to the source for benzene series
Sniffing  instrument & TD-GC-MS
Odor matter tracing
Agilent headspace & GC-MS
TVOC  Determination the Total  Carbon Emission
Atlas Xenon weather –ometer
Determination the light fastness & aging resistance
Environmental cycle machine &Low temp. tester
environmental cycle test/Heat aging/ Low temp. test
Fogging tester/Burning  tester
Safety performance  test of Fogging/flammability
Abrasion tester/Flexing tester
Endurance test/soiling resistance test
Rubfastness tester
Color fastness test and resistance to migration test
ZWICK material tester
Strength test & finished adhesion test
Steam absorption tester/BLC softness tester
Water permeability test & softness test
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